Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is relevant to our lives now more than ever. Our daily choices can either make or break our environment for future generations. I know there's a LOT of advice out there involving living a more eco-friendly lifestyle and it can be quite overwhelming. Start out small if you can --- Every bit helps.

Here's a list of environmentally friendly tasks you can easily accomplish in your family without going broke. I'm sure we've heard of some of these....
  • Have you seen those reusable grocery bags in stores? They're all fairly cheap (between $1-$2 each) and nearly every store has them. Better yet, go to Michael's (or any craft store or dollar store) and pick some plain ones out and let your kids (or you!) decorate them using paint, markers or iron-ons. Fun art and environmentally-conscious project all in one!
  • Switch a few of your light bulbs out for CFL's. A lot of utility companies (APS in Arizona) are offering discounts on CFL's at Home Depot.
  • Grow your own veggies/fruits/herbs. I'm about 2 weeks into my gardening endeavor --- nothing exciting happening yet. It's a great way to ensure what you're eating isn't tainted with pesticides and other chemicals and give you a better appreciation for nature and the food we eat.
  • RECYCLE! I know a lot of communities don't offer recycle bins so this may be a bit more difficult, but if your community does, take advantage of it! The City of Phoenix offers large recycling bins.
  • With our triple digit Arizona summer quickly approaching, it's easy to flip the switch on that A/C. Consider installing (or using if you don't!) a ceiling fan in the busiest rooms in your house. The circulating air will make it feel cooler in the room. If that's not an option, try installing a programmable thermostat so your air isn't running when you're not home. You can find them at the hardware store between $25-$70 depending on how hi-tech you want to go.
  • Switch to Cold Water detergent. You'll save money and energy by not heating the water.
Here's a list of Earth Day happenings around Arizona (and some Earth Day stuff you can do at home too). I know it's going to be 90+ degrees outside, but hopefully you can get out and enjoy it. It's up to us to make changes today for future generations.

Clean Air Days (Tucson)
ASU Global Institute of Sustainability (Tempe)
Earth Day Crafts
Earth Day 5K & Green Expo (Tempe)
For the Earth Corporation (Phoenix)
Earth Day Celebration (Phoenix Country Day School - Paradise Valley)
Every Day is Earth Day (Scottsdale)
Earth Day (Phoenix)
Qwest Earth Day 2009
Earth Day Phoenix 2009 (Phoenix)
Preservation for Generations (Scottsdale)
Quiessence Restaurant & the Farm at South Mountain Veggie Dinner & Tour
Disney's Earth Movie
Do Just 1 Thing (Martha Stewart)