Monday, March 30, 2009

Tackling my garden phobia

After months of putting it off, I decided that now is as good a time as ever to start taking steps towards my goal of having my own garden. Initially, the task seemed extremely intimidating, considering my track record with house plants (I've even killed a cactus! A cactus!!! How can you kill something that doesn't really need watering or anything else for that matter?!)

But after a lot of consideration and encouragement from fellow gardening newbies, I've decided to get over my fear of my 'black' thumb and my the excuses and take a stab at it. I've been eyeing some cool recycled pots / planters at the local gardening store, (they're cheaper than the non-recycled ones!) a bunch of seeds and some starter soil. I figure I can start with a small planter and upgrade as long as things keep growing (fingers crossed!), hopefully leading to more homegrown fruits, veggies and herbs (and less money at the grocery store).

Tara Burner wrote a great article on her blog, Container Gardening, on getting your own garden started (even if space is limited... i.e., live in an apartment). Check out her easy to follow tips. I'll keep you all posted on my gardening endeavor. Wish me luck!